The Importance of Being Important

I Am The Most Important Person In The Room – And So Are You.

By Linda McLean | February 5, 2019

We’re going to begin and end this blog post with an exercise We’re going to take this moment to notice our breathing, inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling fully through the nose. In and out.  Appreciating each breath, while I tell you my story. I was on a spiritual journey for thirty years. I’d…

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Conversation at a Thai Yoga Retreat – On Being the Most Important Person in the Room

By Linda McLean | January 8, 2019

Here’s another interesting conversation I recorded about being the most important person in the room. I celebrated my birthday last year at Bhud Sunshine’s Xhale Yoga Retreat Centre in Pai, Chiangmai with a dozen people from around the world. We spent long days doing yoga, practicing meditation, chanting, discussing philosophy and eating vegetarian meals prepared…

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Talking with Errin – On Being the Most Important Person in the Room

By Linda McLean | December 18, 2018

Errin and I had been chatting for a while about what it means to be the most important person in the room when she agreed to let me record our conversation. We sat in the lounge of the public library and sipped coffee – that’s why you can hear people chatting around us. Errin spoke…

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Cooking Onions

By Linda McLean | December 11, 2018

Sautéed onions, the slowly cooked gently coaxed mouth-watering aroma that fills a room kind, takes me back to grade seven Home-Ec. Mrs. Boyko stands near her desk, every now and then looking up to make sure we’re all stirring conscientiously. Fifteen grade seven girls – four to a stove – taking turns at developing patience.…

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Coming in from the cold – at home in my local yoga studio.

By Linda McLean | November 27, 2018

We all need somewhere to go where we can come in out of the cold. I’m looking out my living room window at the gray sky and the slush falling in near freezing temperatures. Winter is coming, as it does, right after the short sweet Canadian autumn of dazzling reds oranges and yellows. Barren trees,…

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My 28 Day Writing Challenge – Single-minded focus

By Linda McLean | October 30, 2018

Multi-tasking versus one task. It comes easily to me. After years of working on several things at once or fitting a project into all the other responsibilities (‘Writing is what I do between the ironing.” Alice Munro)  I can work on several songs at a time while moving houses. I can work on a story…

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Children are resilient? No they aren’t.

By Linda McLean | October 16, 2018

“Children are resilient.” That was the statement I heard over and over during our years of family mediation. What does that mean? Its an adjective, an attribute attached to a noun. And words like strong, tough, hardy, bouyant, and irrepressible are used as synonyms. Children are resilient? No they aren’t. Maybe some are in some…

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Men Need to Read This Too

By Linda McLean | August 7, 2018

The Importance of Being Important – Men Need to Know This Too. For the past two years I’ve been writing The Importance of Being Important. The central idea of the book is simple, every one of us is the most important person in the room. It’s a notion that doesn’t sit comfortably with most people,…

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The Importance of Being Important – Dinner at Lonely Beach

By Linda McLean | June 12, 2018

Conversation in Cambodia (photos courtesy of Andreas) The Importance of Being Important. This is the title of the book I’ve been writing for the past couple of years. Now and then the topic comes up of my book comes up in conversation and I find myself putting my iphone on the table to record it.…

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