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Be the Hero of Your Own Creative Journey

Linda McLean

I'm a singer-songwriter, author, teacher, and yogi with more than thirty years experience helping people connect with their creative muse. You are a creative genius. Your nature is to create. When you develop a working relationship with your creative imagination you transform your life. Let me help you prepare your body and soul for the big changes we're facing and link with others in the frequency of love. My gift, from my heart to yours.

For further inspiration, you can purchase my book,

A Guide to Your Creative Genius Here.

What People Say

 from Bee, March 6, 2023

Dearest Linda-I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift of Creative Hero’s Journey video series. Your passion, encouragement and beautiful spirit touched my heart every single day. I will recommend this journey, definitely. Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas and refreshing strategies….and your beautiful sense of calm. It is all truly appreciated..

Image by Alex D.
 from Janis, March 7 2023

Hi Linda

Thank you for your beautiful offering. 

My two favourite 'items' are: the breath video, and concept of the approaching this journey with the mind of a child.


Part way through the program as I struggled to figure out why I couldn't come up with a project of any kind, I realised that  the project is the re-imagining of me. On many levels.

That is quite a gift.

You have some  great questions and ideas which I will be revisiting in the coming months, and I bought your book as an additional resource.

Image by Leslie Cross
Barbara, Participant Feb 23, 2023

Hi Linda, 

I enjoyed The Beginners Mind this morning. Wrote a few pages and felt some clarity inside of me. 
I forwarded your email to 7 friends and I know at least one signed up and another forwarded to a few of her friends.

Also, I bought your book this morning and started reading it. Here is how your book resonates with me so far. I’m on Chapter 13. It is a very cool read for me... It’s like the ingredients to bake are all over my house.. flour in the attic, sugar in the laundry room, baking soda in the living room, they are all here, but not readily available or useable. Your book puts all the ingredients on the counter. 

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1. How much time do I need to set aside each day?    You'll need 10 minutes a day. This will be enough to go through the video and materials, and then if you have it, put aside another 10 or 20 minutes to try out the exercises.

2. What if I miss a day? As long as you save the email in  your inbox, you'll have the video indefinitely to watch when you're ready. You choose what's best for you.

3. Do I have to begin on a specific day? You can begin the series any time. Choose to begin when it's best for your schedule.

4. Do I have to sign up here to watch videos?  No! You can watch all the videos at your leisure at my YouTube Channel here.

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