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Find a Good Walking Stick

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Find a good walking stick because you might need it as you make your way along. If your path gets a bit bumpy it'll help you keep your balance. When others try to shake your confidence it'll reassure you to keep moving. And if you get attacked by those who don't agree with your direction, you can grab that stick tighter, grow taller and find those muscles you didn't even know you had.

One step and then the next. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.

We're moving out of duality. Our evolution to integrity is unstoppable. Polar opposites are so distant they no longer possess the magnetic ability to pull us towards them. It's palpable now, so visceral that even the elected class are being frightened by the lack of a divide.

We're all in this together, the ironic but happy result of most of us agreeing to lock ourselves away from everyone else for the past almost two years. We stopped, we went our disparate ways and the proof was everywhere. It became so obvious, there is no such thing as separation and there never was.

We'd all been taught for so long and so hard to agree to our mutual disconnection, it's understandable that we fell for the idea. We'd believed it for so long that some of us needed to blink hard to adjust to the new light. But, thankfully, the idea is so shallow a distraction, so not based in nature, so not alive, so not real, it's any easy fallacy to dispel.

The idea that we are separate has dissipated into the ether at the same rate that we've understood that the direction we were headed wasn't so good for us. We stopped the train and got out. We stepped onto the grass by the side of the rails. We looked around. We took a deep breath.

We're all together here and always have been, each one of us, right in the centre of our one life, and connected to every other life. We are each a part of this one big beautiful world, and that is not only a nice poetic, it's a fact.

There is no separation between you, me and that truck that's pulling out of the neighbour's driveway. We all know this, and we don't need our intuition to sense it, or to pass some test and earn a degree. The atom organizes into elements that become material, you, me and the truck. What moves our atoms into these elements is the subject of endless discussion, and does not change the fact that on the level of atoms, the foundation of what makes everything into material, we are all one. That is science, real science, objectively observable.

In this grand nebula of a planet, where trees communicate with one another and microbes know where they are needed most and we choose to come and stay for a while, this place right here, where I’m pointing, and there, where you are, we are all, literally, one.

We all stopped the train, we all got off, we all took a deep breath and we all saw it right away - we're all in this together.

Some of us felt like Alice Through the Looking Glass playing a game of chess with 'royals' who cheat. Some of us realized the game was being played without our participation. Some of us discovered we’d allowed our shadow side to decide too many of our moves. Some of us decided to join with others to change the game's direction. Some of us tossed the board up into the air and stomped off, telling all the other players they suck. Some of us ignored the game altogether.

And some of us followed that deep breath we took by the side of the train and went deeper. We spent time looking inward and found out that the game was actually being played inside us. We went deeper still and took the time to figure out a new strategy for ourselves. We let go of every idea and went even deeper and saw, felt, became, the peace and tranquility that exists beyond the game, inside and beyond each move we make. Eventually we found out that the game we thought we’d been playing is over, and that we won.

We discovered that in the realm of oneness there is no instability, there is no conflict, there is love, joy, and connection.

That’s the place I stand, and the place from where I take my next step, and the next. Knowing I won. Knowing we’re all in this together, the worst and the best of us. I found my walking stick and it’s in my hand in case I falter. I’m pulling up my socks. I’m standing in my centre, and I'm taking one more step.


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