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The Living Principle, Yes, And.

We don’t know what will happen, it's true.

In London this week, Brexit is still the hot button topic, and PM May is facing the final vote on her deal. A decision will be made later today in fact – a decision that might change the course of economic policy in the UK, through Europe, perhaps around the world – she knows. We can’t really know. The topic’s trending on Twitter. The pundits are providing their predictions. PM May has just made her last plea to Parliament. The mainstay of discussion will begin after lunch and carry on until early evening. The voting will begin at 7 pm. By about 10 pm GMT we’ll at least know the outcome of that vote. But we still won’t really know anything.

How is it then that we think we can create our own reality?

To be honest, I can say, “I don’t know” only some of the time. I can only now and then face the fact I don’t have all the answers. Most of the time I say, “I know the answer is in here somewhere but I’m not ready to hear it yet, or not ready to uncover them yet. I’m philosophical about it, and more comfortable with the perception of potentially knowing. Not fact though. It’s an idea. The only actual fact is this, I can’t know what will happen next. Neither can you. We all live in a constant state of not knowing what is around the corner.

I know this, even though it contradicts my desire to 'have it all together.'

I’ve believed I can control how the next moment will unfold. I've made lists and accomplished everything on them. I've had premonitions about what’s about to happen and then it does. But the reality is that I’ve been a witness of the unfolding of ‘what is’ and this has nothing to do with me controlling what will happen.

The principle of 'yes, and' moves us forward in our life.

You have to say ‘Yes’ to what is, and say ‘And’ to carry forward.

We don't ever know what the next moment will reveal. We accept what is and we accept we don't know what's to come.

To know the future we must be fully in the present.

I learned the 'yes, and' principle when I studied improvisation. It's the only way to build a scene. If Actor 2 refuses to accept the information that Actor 1 provides, the scene ends. Actor 2 must accept what Actor 1 presents, even the craziest and most non-sensical idea, in order for the story to evolve.

In every moment we are presented with a choice.

We make the choice to move into life in the principle of 'Yes,' or to move towards death in the opposite idea, 'No, But'. This is where limitless creativity comes from, our capacity to heal and live and experience our life fully.

Own the moment and free your life.

Life is breath. Notice your breath. This one, in and out, exactly this circling, this fundamental essence of existence. 'Yes', there is this breath. 'And', somewhere beyond this breath is my choice, another breath.

Today, I choose life, the yes, the and, all the way into night, as each moment of life unfolds.


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