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Webinar With Me

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

At the Academy of Divine Knowledge.

I produced a 4-part songwriting webinar. I didn't think it would be possible to teach what I know by talking into my computer to who-knows-who is listening, but it was, it is.

I've called it "Write Your Best Song" and I've managed to beautifully synthesize my experiential songwriting workshop into four one-half-hour recordings.

I sat in my studio in front of my computer and talked enthusiastically into a little red light about creativity, integrating a creative practice into your day, the fundamentals of songwriting, and guidance through my amazing 6-Step Mining for Gold process.

My intention is always to help people tap into their imagination in an easy comfortable, and practical way. One of my greatest loves is teaching songwriting and it's been deeply fulfilling that for decades I’ve been able to help so many people tune inward and find their emotionally resonant songs, usually ones they never expected to write.

What I don't do is offer 'hit-song' formulas because I know that the unconscious is where our creative material lives. Ultimately, whether you want to create a hit or write a song for you and you alone, you're going to have to tune into your own imagination. And that, my fellow creative genius, is where your power resides.

My teaching is built on my belief that our creative self-expression is a portal to healing, that our imagination is an expression of our unconscious and a direct link to our divinity

That's why I was attracted to the idea of developing this webinar for The Academy of Divine Knowledge, a global online community focused on catalyzing humanity’s conscious evolution through expansive discussions and teachings with the intention to awaken universal compassion and Love. I’m deeply honoured to share company with other teachers and internationally renowned conscious thought leaders.

The webinar I've created is full of good advice and exercises aimed to help students show up and make creative play part of a daily practice. It’s hand-on and experiential because the only way to learn to write a song is to do it.

Included in the webinar are lessons about how to access sense memories and tap into your reservoir of unlimited material, to utilize traditional song structure and chord progressions and then find your own voice and develop a song that stands out. I also share extracts of my own successful songs and experience to help inspire and encourage and guide.

Join me at the Academy of Divine Knowledge, get a 3-Day free trial and receive 10% off your entire subscription when you use the code LINDA.

See you at the webinar.

With love and gratitude,



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