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You Are A Creative Genius

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We are, every one of us, creative. Our nature is to create. We are creating our reality in every moment.

Sadly, many of us deny this integral part of our humanity and believe that creativity is a mystical gift bestowed upon the chosen few. We bought into the notion that ‘growing up’ meant leaving our playful imagination behind. We learned to ignore our little artistic voice and eventually, finally, silence her, forgetting that creativity offers us joy and fulfillment and the potential to transform our life.

How do we get back to living as the ‘creative’ beings we're meant to be?

We're at a critical juncture in our human history, in the midst of a quantum leap in our evolution. New information is being seeded in us, photonic light is pouring onto the earth and upgrading every cell in our body. We’re now learning how to align with this light, to move beyond the old paradigm of fear and division, and to live at the higher frequency of unconditional love and divine oneness. Our job now is to remember what we know and create our new reality, our ‘new earth’. The old structures are cracking under the pressure of their desperate attempts to cling to systems of force, and fear and control. We can see what’s happening before our very eyes. The question is, how do we avoid getting pulled down with these crumbling foundations?

We're more powerful than we know.

We already know we’re more powerful than we’ve been told, that whatever we imagine manifests in the material, that our emotions and thoughts affect our reality, that our intentions change the structure of plasma. We know we’re capable of so much more than we’ve been programmed to believe we are.

Uncertainty exists only in the mind. When we turn our attention to nature we see that the way of life is to let go and allow 'what is' to dance with the unknowable. Each of us can make the conscious choice to align with our inner wisdom, to trust our feelings, to stay grounded in our body, our heart and instinct, and breathe into our innate connection with universal intelligence. In this state of open self-awareness we recognize that truth and perfection exist in the present moment and that our future is made right here, right now.

This is an empowering time. We are beginning to understand that each of us is a fractal of the cosmos, a unique divine spark, equal and greater than the whole cosmic consciousness. We sense the bio-dynamic energy creating our earth exists in us, and we feel the momentous urge to contribute to our newly unfolding reality.

What kind of a world are we creating?

The solutions to our thriving are not going to be developed outside of us. The answers we seek are within, in the core of our life, our essence of light, our divine creative source. It is here, at the centre of our individual creative energy, that we can open ourselves to all life, to our belonging, and to collaboration and co-creation. When we tune in to our imagination, our mystical reality, our psychic ability, we are grounded in the frequency of flow and nature. In this liminal boundless boundary we find fluidity between our consciousness and the collective awakening. In the space of our own creative genius, every answer awaits.

Introduction from "A Guide to Your Creative Genius"

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