There is only one person who can claim the extraordinary gift of your life: you. It’s only by putting yourself first that you become the best version of you, to know, "I am this important, and every breath, every thought, every feeling begins and ends with me—not a philosophy, but a fact; everything begins here.


- Linda McLean

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The Importance of Being Important

My new book - paired with 12 songs - will be available soon. 

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I’m a songwriter and author, yoga instructor and arts professor who has mentored creativity and experiential learning for decades.  

I’m sharing my journey with the wish to inspire you to know the key to deep personal meaning, joy and fulfilment is right here where you are. 

My current writing project is The Importance of Being Important:  Love, Compassion, and Wisdom from My Creative Soul to My Lost Self, the journey from broken dreams to artistic recovery to self empowerment.

Musically I've recorded 12 Songs for the Book to amplify the themes of each chapter;  acoustic and intimate versions of both previously released and brand new songs. 



I’ve been an independent musician and singer-songwriter for more than two decades. 

I've written and published fifty original songs and produced four CDs. Betty’s Room and No Language released internationally, Snow Mountain River, recorded and produced independently and John Lennon's Bed, a band project released one song at a time. 

My most recent recording is Songs for the Book, which features stripped back versions of new and old songs. 


Songwriting . Singing . Improvisation . Free Writing . Yoga . Posture

Creativity is at the core of what makes us human, and we're at our best when we're integrating creativity with our day to day experience, engaging with our imagination on a regular basis, and finding ways to express that relationship by bringing it into the world. 

Drawing on 40 years as an artist, musician and writer and 30 years experience teaching and mentoring creativity, I offer experiential and challenging workshops and retreats.