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Creativity is a practice, like yoga. It's the process of creating and not the product that is the gift we humans all share. Our story is written in our cells and in our heart. Joy and our imagination, (whether we're under a warm sun or sitting by a bright candle in the middle of the night) is what we need to begin our creative process.

My current ongoing project is "Rebirth: The Importance of Being Important" a book I began in order to understand why, no matter how much success I achieved, I felt a lack of self-worth and belonging. If you find it hard to make good choices for yourself, or if you're afraid of failing, or if you're sure you'll never be good enough for anything, this could very well be your story too. 

The book is accompanied with 12 acoustic songs that amplify the theme of each chapter. With this combination in mind I've created a performance called Lyrics & Letters, a live show pairing of original songs with readings from the book.


For over a decade I studied composition, piano, voice, and wrote songs in secret. As a singer-songwriter, I’ve recorded and released four studio albums; Betty’s Room, No Language, Snow, Mountain, River and John Lennon’s Bed. My current project is the Songs for the Book, The Importance of Being Important.

“Once in a great while, out of the blue, comes an indie masterpiece. Such is the case of Linda McLean. No Language is the Canadian’s second album and it contains the accessible folk- pop blend that garnered her a wide audience on her Betty's Room debut. This is a record full of impeccable songwriting, inventive musical arrangements, and great, sensitive vocal work. One not to be missed." – Alan Cackett, editor, Maverick Magazine



Writing is what helps us understand our life. Everyone has a story, we only need to listen. You can start writing your story now. You can begin to sift through your life's experience and listen to what you hear. You don't have to wait another minute, until all the conditions are perfect, you only need to write.

"Linda McLean's writing has a light and artful touch, beautiful painterly metaphors, comforting wavelike rhythms, rich with subtleties, emotional resonance, and thematic depth. It's a philosophical exploration with a hint of mystery and satisfyingly practical.” – Angela Monbourquette, editor, journalist, author of 25 Years of 22 Minutes: An Unauthorized Oral History



I learn more than I could ever hope to impart. We never stop learning. Sometimes we're lucky enough to find a way-shower to help guide us on our path.

“Linda is one of those old souls with fresh curiosity. She is attentive, conscientious, playful, authentic and serious about her purpose in helping others. She has been there herself with creative challenges and so can offer compassionate patient guidance and tools & practices that really work. She is the real deal.” — Lisa Lipsett, EdD, visual artist and owner of Creative by Nature



Lyrics & Letters Concerts and Workshops 2022

















Over the years I built and established Mandolin Records, created, promoted and hosted the songwriting series, Muskoka Song Night, and co-founded Muskoka Sound Music Festival, a live music event with seventy-four live performances over three days and nights. I also co-founded and hosted Women’s Music Weekend, a bi-annual retreat with workshops in songwriting and performance to inspire love of music and community.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, let's keep in touch. 

With love, Linda.

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